Accelerated Free Fall

AFF stands for Accelerated Free Fall

AFF is a 9 stage course that teaches you to exit a plane, acquire all the skills described in “What is a Wind Tunnel” section and have achieved around 8 minutes of freefall time. It was introduced to Australia in the early 1980’s and until now has been the best way to learn how to skydive.

An AFF course starts with the “First Jump Course” and this is taught in the classroom. This is where you learn all of the theory needed to use your own equipment and how to fly your body. The freefall course then consists of 9 stages. The first four stages are usually with two instructors, one on each side. The main Freefall aim of these jumps are to get you to fall straight down and be able to hold a heading. The next four jumps will teach you to turn in both directions, slow fall, fast fall and move forwards and backwards. The last jump is from a lower height to familiarise you with exiting from a lower altitude.

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There are a number of different options when it comes to learning to skydive.
So what’s the difference between our course and AFF?

Our Course

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    Faster progression

    Utilising the state of the art Wind Tunnel facilities on the Gold Coast, you’re progression to becoming a skydiver is significantly faster!

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    More Freefall Time

    At the end of our course you will have 6 jumps and around 35 minutes of freefall. This is the equivalent to approximately 30 jumps!!

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    Consolidated Training

    The benefits of our course is that you will already have the skills you need before ever having left the plane on your first jump.

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    Increased Rate of Success

    With the confidence and experience you’ll gain in the tunnel, you will be far more likely to pass with flying colours!

Traditional AFF

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    Slower Progression

    Traditional AFF does not utilise the wind tunnel for training. This means if the weather isn’t good, jumping is put on hold.

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    Less Freefall Time

    At the end of a normal AFF course, you will have 9 jumps but only 8 minutess of freefall. Time in freewill equals experience and skill!

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    Intermittent Training

    Each second in freefall is an opportunity to learn. With traditional AFF your jumps may be spaced out over a number of days or even weeks.

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    Harder To Complete

    With a lot of time between jumps, less freefall time and potential weather holds, it’s much harder to complete your AFF stages.

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